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You have questions. We have answers. 

  • You're a flower shop. What do you mean you don't have flowers today?

Our business model is different. We understand that it may take some getting used to! We specialize in holiday and event floral, but we would love to design your "everyday bouquet" as well. Just a little planning ahead (as little as 2-3 business days) can help you save money while we create your perfect gift or party décor. We special order our flowers based on your specific needs (outside of major floral holidays). 

  • Custom and affordable? How?

We don't have the overhead of a brick and mortar store location, large staff, wire service, or waste of unused flowers, so we pass the savings on to you! 

  • really need to send something today or tomorrow, and you do not have flowers in stock. What now?

We have a ton of great gift options! Pick out that one special gift, or select a few, and we will put it all together in one of our signature polka dot gift bags with tissue or gift wrap the item at no extra cost! Add some balloons to make it extra special! 

  • I ordered and selected "today" or "tomorrow" for a floral delivery. You do not have flowers. What happens now? 

We will contact you with the following options: 

1. Contact you to let you know when the market can have the flowers to us, with enough time for the flowers to process, and see if the new delivery date is acceptable to you.

2. Offer gift items and/or balloons instead of flowers.

3. Cancel and refund your order.

  • It says you have flowers available on your Facebook/Instagram/website for today. Is that true?

Absolutely! Sometimes we have extra flowers from other orders, so we will definitely post when we will be able to fulfill same day or next day deliveries! Once the flowers sell out, we will update our posts. 

  • What happens to unused flowers? 

If we are unable to sell excess flowers for any reason, we will bring them to assisted living or nursing homes, local small businesses, or other organizations who we would like to brighten their day!

  • What is Hi-Float?

Hi-Float is a gel or liquid that coats the inside of latex balloons. It helps seal the balloon to keep the helium where it belongs...inside the ballon. Hi-Float helps balloons stay afloat up to twenty-five times longer! It is designed to be used indoors only, and there is no additional charge to you!  

  • You have weird business hours. What if we need a morning delivery?

It can be arranged! Please contact us at least two business days in advance to arrange for special delivery times. Most flower shops close around 5:00 pm. We are actually open when people are home in the evening. We still have a window of opportunity to deliver in the afternoon to places of business. 

Don't see your question here? Send it to us and it may be listed here in the future! 

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